Acculance is a comprehensive web application designed for Point of Sale (POS), Inventory management, and Accounting. Built using Laravel and Vue.js, it addresses the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses and organizations.

With the newly released version v4.0.0, we have undergone significant enhancements to the application, rendering it even more versatile and suitable for a diverse spectrum of businesses.

Main Features

Unlock the Power of Seamless Business Management with Acculance

Expense Management

The Expense module empowers efficient company expense management. Categorize and subcategorize all expenses, ensuring meticulous accounting for every expenditure.

Purchase Management

The Purchase module facilitates product procurement and returns. Creating purchases boosts product stock, while deleting or returning purchases reduces stock levels.

Sales Management

The Sales module streamlines sales quotations, product transactions, and returns. Creating sales reduces stock quantities, and deleting sales increases them.

Accounting Management

The Accounting module oversees transactions and accounts, with each transaction linked to cash or bank accounts. Credit transactions bolster balances, while debit transactions diminish them.

Loan Management

The Loan module simplifies loan administration, including authorities, loans, and payments. Acculance accommodates both CC loans and term loans, with funds seamlessly integrated into accounts.

Asset Management

The Asset module effectively administers company assets and their depreciation, employing a straight-line depreciation method. Asset creation options include assets without depreciation.

Payroll Management

The Payroll module streamlines monthly salary management. Generate employee salaries, ensuring meticulous accounting, and integration with accounts. It also generate the payslip.

Inventory Management

The Inventory module provides precise control over product stocks, enabling stock adjustments. It also offers insights into average purchase prices and comprehensive inventory history.

Versatile Reports

Acculance offers a range of critical reports for tracking business performance. Easily access balance sheets, summary reports, profit/loss statements, expense, & inventory insights.

More Awesome Features

Acculance comes equipped with a plethora of valuable features, some of which are highlighted below.



Role-based Permissions

Non-invoice Transactions

Non-purchase Transactions

Inventory Adjustment

Barcode Generator

PDF Export

Dynamic Search

Multilingual Support

Database Backup

Dark mode & Style customizer


Pricing Plan

We are offering two types of license for our software such as Regular license and Extended license

Regular License

All the basics for your business. Permitted for one domain for personal use only.

$39 $49

What's Included

  • Quality checked by Envato.
  • Life time update.
  • 6 Month support (Please check here what included in support)
  • For one domain for personal use only.
  • For Personal Project only.
  • Support (2 Business day).
  • Full Source Code.
  • Skype Support
  • Anydesk/Teamviewer Support
  • Free installation

Extended License

All the basics for your business. Permitted for multiple domains for commercial use only.


What's Included

  • Quality checked by Envato.
  • Life time update.
  • 6 Month support (Please check here what included in support)
  • For multiple domains for commercial uses.
  • For Personal & Commercial Project.
  • Support (1 Business day).
  • Full Source Code
  • Skype Support
  • Anydesk/Teamviewer Support
  • Free Installation
  • 4 Hours Free Customization Work

For any custom work

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